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  1. Service Desk

    That's what the service desk is for so don't hesitate to contact them. In this case though they would have just had to refer it back to the programmers since this is all "undocumented". If the fuzzy...
  2. Fuzzy Search for user defined versions

    The procedure that Pasquale used maywork but it may have some undesirable side effects for Latin words that just happen to have English words spelled the same way. We will try to come up with an...
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    Stopped Working?

    Exit BW. Then delete the file bw1000.ini in your BibleWorks folder and restart BW. Then check for the latest update. Apply it and see what you get.
  4. Userlex for other languages


    This would be easy to implement but we have no way of determining base words for languages other than Greek, Hebrew and English. That means there would be a separate lexical entry for...
  5. Natve OSX

    There is a bit of confusion on this score. The BW9/10 Mac version IS a native Mac application. It does not run on an emulator. It uses a compatibility library to enable it to interface with the Mac...
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    Sorry about that. A small bug was introduced in the last update. I posted a fix.
  7. Browse Tab mouseover

    The program has been changed so that mouseovers in the Browse Tab (the secondary Browse window) will send data to the Analysis Tab. This can be turned off using the Browse Tab hamburger button...
  8. maintain size


    That feature has been dropped because it conflicts with new features in BW and is obsolete. Check Setup | Flags | Startup Options | Enable Window Layout manager. It should be enabled by...
  9. Another option

    The suggestion from Rokas will work and has maximum flexibility. In a pinch though you can do it on the command line like this:

    ' *@v?p* *@v?i*;2

  10. Unicode export


    Somehow the original note got garbled and that made it confusing. Here's how it should have been:

    "We added unformatted Unicode output as an option in the Editor right click "paste...
  11. Unformatted Unicode Output

    We added unformatted Unicode output as an option in the Editor right click "paste special" menu. Also copying text from the Browse Window or Analysis Tab will not out unformatted Unicode text on the...
  12. Touch Friendly

    Joshua, I'm not sure what part of the BW window you are talking about, but in many cases swiping with your finger will scroll down. In the browse window swiping left and right with advance the...
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    Popup Copy

    The next update will accept version IDs in the Popup Copy window to change versions.
    The Copy to Word feature does not work on the Mac. I am not sure if or when it will be changed. There are a good...
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    Exporting Greek Text


    The text is in Unicode (UTF8 actually). You can change the font to Arial Unicode MS or Times New Roman, or any Unicode font that has Greek. Then you can view it in any editor that...
  15. SOLM scaling

    Try holding down the CTRL key and using the scroll wheel to size the text. This should work on all BW test that is HTML behind the scenes, which is true of all the apparatuses.

    The Microsoft...
  16. If you applied one of the upgrade codes...

    If you applied one of the upgrade codes indicating you are upgrading from a previous version, grandfathered versions would be installed automatically. The only way to avoid this is not to use the...
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    Browse Buttons

    Are you on BW10? If you are click on the header that has the caption "Browse Window".
  18. Bhq

    The BHQ should have the critical apparatus. We have a few books in hand but the project has a long ways to go. People who license SOLO will get the BHQ stuff as GBS gives it to us and we have time to...
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    Uninstalling BW9


    Sorry for the slow response of tech support. They are swamped right now.

    Is there an entry for BW9 in the Windows "remove app" utility? If there isn't that something has removed the...
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    '!o *2 euaggelion

    gives you exactly what it says: any word that isn't o, followed by any two or fewer words (including possibly o), followed by euaggelion.

    You can get there with '!o !o !o...
  21. Pad computer options

    Try single clicking on a word instead of hovering over it.

    Also in the Analysis Tab in BW10 there is a new right click option "scripture reference popups". It has 3 options. The first (the...
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    Mac Shutdown

    If you used the DNG file (the mac installer) on the USB or in the ISO file, you will need to download a new one. The one on the first distribution does not work on some systems. Follow the...
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    Location of backup INI files


    Thanks for the kind words!
    You should not have to lose your settings. Look in the BibleWorks init folder. You should see several files beginning with a version number and having INI and EXE...
  24. More HNT conversion errors

    Thanks for the report! Sorry for the bugs. But we'll get them squashed.
    Try the download now. It should take care of all instances of this bug for both sin and shin with dagesh.
  25. Bugs

    No that won't be necessary. Until the office gets caught up I will do my best to fix bugs reported here.
    A new release always has some issues that we didn't catch in beta but we should be able to...
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