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    Analysis Window

    One thing you can do is backup the bw900.ini file and then delete it. If that fixes it compare the old and new bw900.ini file that gets created to see what the difference is. If you find the obvious...
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    Export problem

    If you are desperate you can delete the files bw900.ini (bw root dir) and copyops.dat (in the init folder) and see if that fixes it. Backup the files first so you can restore your settings if it...
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    Font problem

    Does it work if you use SBL Greek instead of Gentium?
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    Unicode Export

    Go to Tools | Geberal | Fonts and check "Export Greek Resources"

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    Hebrew in Excel

    The reason this is necessary is that Excel does not support RTF input, only HTML. HTML export in BW is turned off by default because normally you don't want to export HTML to Word. It just doesn't...
  6. Non-verb search

    What do you mean "did not like that at all"? If you got an error it means you didn't enter the Hebrew word correctly. That search should provide results.

    Keep in mind also that you can do things...
  7. Installation issues

    I am not claiming that what happened on your computer did not happen. There is no need for accusations or recriminations. All I did was tell you what our experience has been and what the experience...
  8. Installation Problems

    Brainout, I am very sorry that you have had these problems. But I do not want other users who read this forum to conclude that this is something they need to worry about. They really don't. We have...
  9. Flash

    Let me echo what Michael says. BibleWorks does not install flash itself and there is no way for BibleWorks to force an old version of flash to be installed over a newer one. The flash installer that...
  10. Did you get the latest executable update. It...

    Did you get the latest executable update. It should be

    When the morph helper pops up to give you choices, you can press the ESC to dismiss the choices list and type anything. But if...
  11. Passive Participle

    There appears to be a mistake in the documentation and in the command line code translator. The 's' in the third position means passive participle. So the search <.*v?s*> should find them all. I will...
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    Hebrew copying problem

    Make sure that you have the latest updates. A problem similar to this was fixed a few months ago. I believe it was fixed for both BW8 and BW9.

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    Copying command line

    If you right click on the command line and select "save command line" it will produce a file that can be posted or e-mailed and easily copied back to someone else's command line.
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    Jussive tag

    Dan, when you specify J? it will also find Jx which means NOT jussive. The morph tags are fixed field so all verbs have a jussive code. Non jussive verbs just have a Jx placeholder. What you want is...
  15. Thread: Help

    by MBushell

    Customer support is a bit swamped right now,...

    Customer support is a bit swamped right now, mainly because the wife of one of the tech support guys is in the hospital so we are short one guy for a few days. But they will get to you shortly.
  16. BW on a Mac

    Do keep in mind that there is now a native Mac version of BW9. You can purchase a key and download the package for $6. It is based on a CodeWeavers compatibility library. We have CodeWeavers on a...
  17. Bracket Problems

    Sorry it took so long but I'm glad it works now. Don't hesitate to nag the support guys if you have problems and they will nag me. This problem is serious enough that it should have been taken care...
  18. Bracket Problems

    You didn't say what version of BW you have. I presume it is 9. If that is so try the latest executable and see if it helps.

  19. broken internet connection

    Make sure that you have a good internet connection. If you do then try the update one more time. Is your browser working OK? If it is I would suggest contacting Tech Support at...
  20. You can try it now. We have temporarily moved the...

    You can try it now. We have temporarily moved the updater to a Windows 8 machine. Please post here if it still doesn't work.

  21. Updater Problems

    Don't use the updater until we post another notice here. We just updated to Windows 8.1 and they have done something to break the code that we use to post updates. We will get it fixed as soon as we...
  22. Bw10

    If that happens we would cancel the release as there will be a new operating system in heaven - and no Textual Criticism. Oh happy day.
    Seriously though, what a happy thought.
  23. Nets

    FYI it looks very promising for adding NETS to the base package for BW10. Before anyone asks, BW10 is quite a long ways off.

  24. Usb

    The easiest way is to copy the files to a USB thumb drive. Of course you'd have to have another computer to do that. Copy each DVD to a separate folder: disk1,disk2,disk3. Then run the setup in the...
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    Shhhhh, I'm hunting for wabbits

    Michael is right on both counts. Forums everywhere are showing declines as people move to other forms of interaction. Also sometimes people in September are busy with the start of a new academic year...
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