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    Bibleworks Animated Desktop Background

    On this webpage -- - - BW offers buttons for web pages. One of the buttons--SWF2--would make an excellent animated desktop background. Does anyone know of a way...
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    Bibleworks Training Videos

    I've noticed that Logos 4 has many training videos available, including videos that many users of Logos 4 have made & uploaded. I was wondering if, in addition to the videos which the BW staff have...
  3. Thanks!

    Thanks for your help and your Bibleworks blogsite.
  4. Examples

    Here is what the text looks like when automatically copied to Word from Bibleworks:

    NKJ Genesis 34:31 But they said, "Should he treat our sister like a harlot?"

    BGT Genesis 34:31 οἱ δὲ...
  5. Thanks!

    Thanks! That seems to be what I wanted.

    Another question for someone:
    I have each ref grouped together [Interleave Option], but I would like more space between each group of verses in the output...
  6. Copying Search Window results to Microsoft Word--Hebrew Font Size

    When I copy search window results to Micro Word, multiple references + Text, the Hebrew font in Word seems slightly smaller than the regular text. I have to manually increase the font size on each...
  7. Interleave Option

    While experimenting, the Interleave Versions option seems to be what I was looking for.
  8. Copying verses from Search Window but grouped by Bible ref

    I have a list of verses in the search window & wish to copy them into Word, not grouped by version but grouped by the individual references. Each reference would include all the versions I have...
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