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  1. You have two problems to deal with. First there...

    You have two problems to deal with. First there are two different g'l roots. One to avenge / ransom. The other to defile. This means there are similar forms that have different meanings.
    If you are...
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    Re: Q re Two K K uncial mss

    I am not sure I am seeing anything like what you are seeing. I don't have NA 28, but what you describe in 27 does not look like what I have. It would make no sense to have two K manuscript here....
  3. Other links

    Mark (MGVH from Lutheran Seminary, Gettysburg) has some excellent resources on his blog:
  4. Try this page

    Sorry it has taken so long to get an answer. You might try this link: [ ] I hope that helps.
  5. Thread: Strongs search

    by SkipB

    Turn on Strong's numbers

    If you open the view menu (from the menu bar) you will see the option show/hide. There are two options that will be helpful here. One is to turn on Strong's numbers, which will let you see the...
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    Desktop mode

    BibleWorks 9 does run in desktop mode. Even Microsoft Word 2013 switches to desktop mode to run. I have added Classic Shell to my installations. This puts a Win 7 style start button and menu on the...
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    Current state

    I think it unlikely that a version update would focus on expanding platforms as the most prominent feature. I am currently using BW9 on a Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet2 running Windows 8.1. On a homebrew...
  8. Portable dvd drive

    I used a portable dvd drive to load BW 9 in my Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2. But it was a drive with its own power supply. The USB ports did not have enough power to spin up an external drive without a...
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    Shortcut that may not be always reliable

    In a classroom setting I often need to adjust the font size in the browse window. I have found (and this is clearly not the intended way to do this) that after changing fonts from the menu, if I...
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    From the help menu there is a menu entry for bibliographic information and for copyright information. Also mousing over the version identifier in the browse window will show the information in the...
  11. red blinking dot

    The "red blinking dot" appears after you press insert while on the command line in a Greek translation. Some control keys and diacriticals can only be entered from this "insert" mode.
  12. It seems to work...

    I tried it in GNT, press insert so the red dot is blinking. Then type .(period)*(asterisk)|("pipe" on shifted \) it should yield all words ending in a letter with a iota subscript.
  13. Highlighting lost

    Well the blanks in that last post were highlighted words, most the word "accents."
  14. Accent searching

    Peter, this is from the Help files. Is this what you need?

    Including Vowel Points in Hebrew Searches and Accents in Greek
    If you are searching on a Hebrew Text version or on a Hebrew ...
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    It must be a setting

    It must be a setting, I have the latest version of BW9 and I still see a verse range as a single block.
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    That is odd

    That is odd, I am seeing no problems with popups or analysis window in SoS.
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    Wonder what happened

    I count 32 different instances of a passive participle (28 different forms) in Aramaic parts of Ezra and Daniel. They all have the s in that conjugation or aspect position. You have to use a...
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    Thank You

    Thank you, I have been through the listing of codes in the Bibleworks manual, and have not found an s listed for what they call aspect. It is not presented as an option in the drop down list...
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    Aramaic Issue Dan2:22

    Nick, the parsing in WTM for this word is definitely wonky. If you tried to enter that tag for a search the code checker on the command line would not allow it. %vMsfpd makes no sense to me. It...
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    Bibleworks on Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet2

    I was surprised by my wife with a ThinkPad Tablet2. First thing I did was to install BibleWorks9. It is very nice. I have a DVD drive with an external power supply (I don't know that the usb on the...
  21. Yes it is a manual replacement

    In my first response I tried to indicate that (depending on how much you need to change) it might be easier to simply replace the old words with new un-pointed words. This involves as I said copying...
  22. The Browse Window

    In my previous post, I had mentioned that you had the choice of the popup copy window or highligting and copying from the browse window. For words or parts of a verse that is how you would do it....
  23. 2 steps

    First in BW works place the cursor in the browse window and press<x> (just the letter, not brackets).
    In your document, at the position you want to copy to, press <control><shift><b>. This will open...
  24. Wouldn't it be easier to replace the passages?

    Depending on how many passages involved, it might be easier to set the export font to Ezra SIL turn off vowels in the browse window, then highlight and copy or use popup copy window to place a new...
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    Greek Bible Tranliterated

    Check out this tread. It might be what you want.
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