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    wow. dumb. I'm sorry. that was easy. Should...

    wow. dumb. I'm sorry. that was easy.

    Should have thought to check the .chm library. I just thought it was a text in the usual sense of the word.

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    Newbie Talmud/Mishnah Question

    I have BW8 and the website says I have Rodkinson's Mishnah and Bavli Talmud but when I go to my book selection it just says Mishnah and I can't figure out how to get the Talmud to show.

    I went...
  3. aha! So if I turn of html support in my export...

    aha! So if I turn of html support in my export options standard copy/paste works fine. Well, glad I could work out this issue for everyone to see. My only hope would be that someone else will find...
  4. Found a work-around

    So, I found that if I went Edit-->Paste Special I can then select "RTF text" or "Unformatted Text" but "HTML Text" does not work. I wonder if the bibles in BW are in an HTML file that is conflicting...
  5. Can't get BW8 to copy to Open Office Writer

    It gives me the error "Requested Clipboard Format not available." I swear I was able to do this before and it is really weird that I can't now. Has anyone had that problem? I just installed Zotero...
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