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  1. Hebrew and Greek Analysis Windows Lexicons' difference?

    I am using BW8 and there are difference bewteen Hebrew Analysis Windows Lexicon's and Greek. Greek Lexicon Window shows all the Greek Lexicons but Hebrew only shows what I make a default lexicon. I...
  2. Is there way to use other Bible translations in x-refs?

    In a BW8, I can only use English version cross references. I used Korean Bibles in cross references when I use BW7. Is there a way to use a Korean Bible other than English versions in a x-refs?
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    I can't use the Korean version.

    I donwloaded the Korean version but I can't find Korean in the "choose display version."

    I am using windows XP Engshing version and I already installed the Far East language support pack.
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    Thank you so much!!

    Thank you so much!!!

    I've waited for this book for a long time!!

    :) :) :)
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