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    Will the 1984 NIV continue to be availalbe?

    Does anyone know if the old NIV (1984) will continue to be available in BibleWorks after the new NIV is released? And what are BW's plans regarding the new NIV? Will it be given to people who...
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    Actually, the shift key problem is a known...

    Actually, the shift key problem is a known Parallels problem. It is not only under BibleWorks. It is weird, because the shift key works to do capitalization and such. but programs that use it for...
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    I have been running BW7 and now 8 under Parallels...

    I have been running BW7 and now 8 under Parallels (with Windows XP) on a MacBook Pro for a couple of years. Overall, it works really well. There are a few glitches (the shift key does not freeze...
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    I am not sure why you can not copy and paste from...

    I am not sure why you can not copy and paste from BibleWorks under Parallels into Mac Software. I do it every day with no problem.... I have done it into all MS Office, Pages, Keynote, etc. ARe you...
  5. Fix for Shift key not working in Parallels 5

    This has been a problem for a long time.... I have read about it on the Parallels forums.... there is a pretty easy fix however. Simply hit the Alt key and this will freeze the mouse until you click...
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    You need to do the following steps: Install...

    You need to do the following steps:

    Install Parallels 5.0
    Install Windows (I recommend XP - but definitely not Vista)
    Make sure the DVD is accessible from within Parallels - I believe this is...
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    MacUser Setup

    I run BW8 on a MacBook Pro, and I believe the setup will be basically the same on a MacBook Air. You will simply need to have a windows emulator like Parallels or VMFusion, a valid copy of windows,...
  8. Retaining Greek and Hebrew fonts in Mac

    I do not know for certain, but my guess would be that the font you are using on the PC is not located on the Mac. I have had the same problem with some fonts in the past, and that was usually the...
  9. Scott, That is indeed very close to what I am...


    That is indeed very close to what I am looking for in the report. I will play with a few more settings, but this is good enough as is. Thank you very much for all of your help. I really...
  10. Scott, Thanks for the suggestions. Maybe I am...


    Thanks for the suggestions. Maybe I am missing something, but the report generator does not seem to do what I want, at least in the Greek. I am trying to get a list of all verbs - and...
  11. Find and export verb information for selected passage


    I have tried that but can not get what I am looking for. It seems to simply export the verses, but not the things I want. I would like it to give me just the verbs, the parsing, and a...
  12. Find and export verb information for selected passage

    How do I create and export the basic information about all verbs occurring in a passage. Ideally I would like to include the lemma, the actual form of the verb in the passage, and a brief...
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    BW7 on Parallels

    I do not know how much help I will be, but lets start with the basics:

    What version of Parallels?
    What version of Windows?
    Have you added all known updates to BW7?

    (I run BW8 under Parallels...
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    BW8 on MacBook Pro

    I do not use Windows 7 (I use XP), but I can tell you about the rest of your questions. I run XP under Parallels 5. Everything works well. I have 4GB of RAM, and I would definitely take as much...
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    Zerwick's Grammar

    I have Zerwick's rammar, but only in print. To be honest, I mainly purchased it to use with Zerwick's 'A Grammatical Analysis of the NT' (which is a nice book to have for a companion when you are...
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    Copy/Paste from BW8 into Mac - Help?

    I am assuming that the students are running Parallels. I have not used VMWAre, so I can not speak to that.

    Under Parallels (3, 4 or 5), they simply copy to the Windows clipboard. I normally use...
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    Problems in export verses

    When I export a verse from the popup copy tool, I do not get the first verse number superscripted in front of the text. Instead, I get a blank space, no verse number at all, and then the text. ...
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    Parallels 5 vs Parallels 4 with BW on Mac

    I have been using BW8 with Parallels on my Mac for a couple of years now. Generally it has worked really well. I use Parallels 4 now, but was debating upgrading to Parallels 5. The only reason to...
  19. Thanks - that is what I wanted


    Thanks for the help. I was looking for how to do it in the popup copy window, but you gave me the info needed to get what I wanted. It amazes me how many new things there are to learn...
  20. Is there a way to get a line return before the verse reference in exports?

    I am wondering if there is a way to have BW insert a carriage return/line feed before the reference when exporting? What I am looking for is something like this:

    Jesus wept.
    John 11:35

  21. Still not working...

    I must be missing something. I tried to choose the option to save changes, and also simply saved as a new database (and both times had had NIV as the search version, had selected it in the display...
  22. Is there a way to set default version for cross reference databases

    Is there a way to set the default version to add new references in a cross reference database? I created my own version based on TSK, and am adding extra verses. However, when I do this, it...
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    Parallels memory

    I have 4 gigs in my MacPro; I let Parallels and OSX Leopard determine the memory allocation, and it works fine. I only run BW most of the time in Windows, so I really only want the resources...
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    BW8 in Parallels on Snow Leopard?

    Is anyone running BW8 under Parallels on a Mac running Snow Leopard? Are there any issues? I am still running it under Leopard, and do not want to upgrade if there are issues for BW8. Thanks.
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    Hebrew characters in command line

    Are you sure you are searching on WTM - and not WTT. If you search on WTT you are not able to do the "@v*" type searches since WTT has no morphological tags. To do those, you must set your search...
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