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  1. Searching for a specific conjugation in the plural

    I would like to search for all the ocurrences of the root n-p-l in the Hiphil only in the plural. In the search window, Bibleworks requires to include the tense (perfect, imperfect, etc.) before...
  2. Thanks, for your reply. I will try this. If you...

    Thanks, for your reply. I will try this. If you come accross with another way to do it, please let me know. Best, M.
  3. Searching for a "number of terms" occurring in the HB

    I want to know how many books, excluding the Psalms, of the Hebrew Biblew use the following four terms: brakhah "blessing," kabod, "glory," simkhah, "joy," and 'orekh yamim, "long life."

  4. Rokas and Mike, Thanks a lot for the quick...

    Rokas and Mike,

    Thanks a lot for the quick reply. It works fine.
  5. Searching for syntactic constructions in two or more verses

    Does anybody know how to search for constructions in two or more verses? For example, I would like to know the number of times in which perfect forms are preceded by imperfect forms. Bibleworks only...
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    Dear Glenn,

    Many thanks for all your quick and helpful replies.

    Best wishes,
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    Dear Glenn,

    I much appreciate your assistance. Is it possible to search for all verbs in perfect preceded by waws (waw particle conjunction + any verb in any stem). I want to find cases like the...
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    Dear Glenn,

    Thanks for your quick reply and assistance. I could search for all the perfect forms and wayyiqtol forms, but not the waw consecutive perfect (weqatal) forms.

    In WTM I use the...
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    The same codes that work in WTM do not wok in QSM. When I try it, I get the message "invalid reference".
    I simply want to know if Bibleworks is able to perform the specific searches below in QSM in...
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    Sorry I did not explain. The following formulas work only in Biblical Hebrew. My question is what formulas I can use to get similar results within the corpora of Qumran Hebrew.

    1.*@v?p* (= any...
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    Syntactical Searches in Qumran Hebrew Texts?

    I want to list all verbs in the following forms in an specific corpus (such as the War Scroll or Damascus Document). I know the formulas to do this in Biblical Hebrew, but they do not work in Qumran...
  12. Hebrew Ben Sira and Hebrew of the Mishnah: When?

    Does anybody know when Bibleworks will include the Hebrew Text of Ben Sira and Mishnaic Hebrew in its Database?M.
  13. It worked :)

    I what to thank all for your help. I tried both Nick's and Mark's formulas and I got what I was looking for.

    Thanks again,

  14. How to search two different syntactical constructions in a verse

    I need to find out how many times two different constructions, NOT SIDE BY SIDE, in a verse appear in the Hebrew Bible.
    For example: "waw-beth-infinitive construct+any pronominal suffix" and "any...
  15. Need help to search two different syntactical constructions in a verse

    I want to search for *@v?i* *@v?c* ב(=preposition beth) in any part of the verse. I have tried this, buy I only get examples of the prepostion beth+infinitive construct and the imperfect syntagma...
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    Need help for Searching Prose Texts?

    Does anybody know how I can limit a search of prose texts from Genesis to 2 Kings, excluding the poetic and legal material?


  17. Thanks!

    Dear Mark,

    You are a BibleWorks wizard. Thank you so much for your help. This is what I wanted.

    Be blessed.
  18. I need help on searching determined constructions in the Hebrew Bible!


    I wonder if I can search specific constructions in BibleWorks. I would like to find in the Hebrew Bible all the cases where the following construction occurs altogether.
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