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    As I understand it, it is impossible to copyright a faithful reproduction of an ancient two-dimensional piece of artwork. This is not to say that museums and private collectors don't intend to...
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    Link to

    Hey everyone,

    Sorry if this is kind of a basic question, but is there a way to link Bibleworks to It has pictures many of the New Testament Papyri and makes it super easy to view...
  3. Hey, thanks to everyone, YES I got the problem...

    Hey, thanks to everyone, YES I got the problem fixed. You noticed the problem right, I didn't have those lines in my booknames.txt file - I was using the text from the books_bna file!
  4. verse tagging problem - only tagging chapters!

    Hi. I'm using BW 7 and when I use the "build module index" it will tag my htm files, but it only gets the chapter, not the verse!
    so, when it comes to Eph 1:1 it just turns Eph 1 into a reference....
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