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  1. Were to find a recent list of NT minuscules that are identified as Byzantine?

    I have a specific question:

    Were to find a recent list of (Greek New Testament) minuscules that are identified as purely or predominantly Byzantine?

    The book “The Text of the New Testament” by...
  2. More minor issues linking manuscripts of Tischendorfs apparatus to manuscript numbers

    There are more minor issues linking of Tischendorfs apparatus to manuscript numbers, for example mat 23:7:
    where two manuscript citations are merged, without a space between them.

    The following...
  3. I in Tischendorf's edition is 065, 066, 067, 068, 078, 079, 088, 096, 097

    Hi Don,

    It is not a glitch in scanning, if checked an ibook as you suggested, in the mentioned verses I is printed.
    Your right that manuscripts designations were somewhat fluid in Tischendorfs...
  4. Reported the issue with BibleWorks Customer Support

    I've reported the issue on
  5. Found two unicials 067 and 078 that probably represent the wrong citation of I-016

    I've done some comparison of the contents of uncials of Matthew (on wikipedia).
    And found that I-016 in Tischendorf's Critical Apparatus probably represents:

    Uncial 067
    For: Matthew...
  6. Tischendorf's Critical Apparatus, I-016 citation from Matthew 14:14 and onward?

    I use Tischendorf's Critical Apparatus in Bibleworks 9 regularly, but from Matthew 14:14 and onward I find a strange citation: I-016
    Which is a manuscript of the Pauline Epistles, and not of...
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