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  1. Can we create custom keyboard shortcuts, say like Reaper does?


    Things that would benefit if users could map Bibleworks actions to keyboard shortcuts:

    A super quick way (ie. keyboard command shortcut) to append the continuous flow of verses to a text...
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    Yes - BibleWorks 7 is portable


    You asked about being able to run Bibleworks 7 from a usb drive on various computers. Once you purchase it, and install it here is what you can do:

    You can take the main Bibleworks7...
  3. Thank you! Do these links pretty much cover all BW versions?

    Thanks again :)
  4. Is there a BW versions legend/definition/key chart?


    Is there a place that explains where and how the different BW versions came into existence? I mean...I can google the NIV/KJV/NAS, etc, but it would be great if these and the more "esoteric"...
  5. Cool that they are so responsive in adding...

    Cool that they are so responsive in adding features :)

    Thanks for the well written explanation - It's crystal clear now :)

  6. Hi, Thanks for the reply! I didn't notice...


    Thanks for the reply!

    I didn't notice that since I had BGM already added to my multiple versions window - so for me, there was no difference - but now I understand :)

  7. Thanks again Mike!

    Thanks for the pointer Mike!
  8. Was the "l mat-rev" limit command in the help file?

    Thanks Mike! Was that in the helpfile somewhere? I scoured it but was fruitless :)
  9. Must Parallel and Lexicon Windows "Always be on TOP?"


    I've noticed that one doesn't seem to have a choice in whether or not the Parallel Bibles and Lexicon windows are "Always on top" or not.

    I am sure, like the task manager at times,...
  10. Has anyone compiled a list of doc and undocumented command line switches?


    Reading these posts, I have found quite a few command line switches listed nowhere in the included BW6 help file. Has anyone put together a list of all the options for command line switches?...
  11. Search in Morphological always results in display change


    I have experimented with two config switches that seem to produce no discernable results:

    1.) Do not automatically make morphology versions display versions; and
  12. Isn't there a Command Line Search Range Limiter

    Maybe it was another Bible app that allowed a com line syntax like: R mat-rev or even just mat-rev? No equivalent in BW6?


    --Praise God for BW6!--
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