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  1. MacBook Pro (2013) 13" - Fonts Better with Font and Display Change

    I just loaded the latest Mac BW 9 (9r3-28) on a new (late) 2013 MacBook Pro 13" (Dec 5, 2014).

    In Tools->Options->Fonts, Changing bwgrkl to bwgrkn in the search and display windows, and Arial to...
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    Willing to try ...

    I have just upgraded my 2009 iMac from Snow Leopard 10.6.8 to Mavericks 10.9.2 - but BW for Mac will no longer load, and there is no way to force quit the load-icon on the Dock except via killing it...
  3. Install version & keyboard issue

    1) In the Finder, it shows as "modified 7-2-13 4:11pm" and as version "9r3-13"; but in the lower left status line, today, 09/17/13 it does read " (MCW9r3-14)" (and the same in Help>About...
  4. keyboard issue

    1) 9r3-14.dmg was downloaded Sept 6
    2) online instructions were followed, first trashing and also ~/library/application support/bibleworks
    3) only one icon in /applications
    4) same...
  5. bibleworks9_mac_setup-9r3-14.dmg keyboard issue

    The new installer installs despite its name to 9r3-13. The keyboard issue reported elsewhere in this forum is still present. But additionally in this build, despite maintaining default settings for...
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    RE: Fonts

    I am using Snow Leopard 10.6.8 on both boxes. I cannot upgrade beyond that on the MacBook (2006, with 2GB RAM), and have not upgraded on the iMac (2009, with 4GM RAM). So technically I don't fit the...
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    RE: Fonts

    My concern with sharpness of fonts (Greek 12-pt and Arial 10-pt) is not so much with dialogue boxes for settings, but for reading of text. In particular, Arial italic is poor, and bwgrkL is crusty...
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    BW9 Mac Preview - Better Display Fonts

    Ariel and bwgrkL default fonts display very poorly on my MacBook (2006) and iMac (2009), even though they are fine in WinXP.

    BitStreamVeraSerif and bwgrkN are much, much sharper. Sizes I prefer...
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