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    Font adjustment and "block of text"

    Font Change: Beutimous!

    Block of text: Ok, I got it back again after messing around for 30 minutes, but I don't know how. No matter which browse mode I used, a "running block" was not working...
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    Greek Text copyrights

    Thanks for your help. Mousing over doesn't give as much or all the same info., but I see the point.

    So now, let me ask this a different way. Looking up the info in the Help menu, it appears...
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    Greek and Hebrew copyrights

    I'm having trouble locating the copyright allowances if I wanted to reproduce (say) the entire Greek text of the letters of 123 John for a commentary. Since there are different Greek texts, are...
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    Adjustable Fonts--on the fly

    Thanks for the reply. And you're right, I was not clear enough. Right now, adjusting font sizes is like having a 4 wheel drive that you have to stop, get out, turn the wheel hubs, and get back in...
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    Display Features

    What I want to see in version 10?
    1. Make BW more intuitive!!!!!! (I have to keep remembering how to do basic things.)
    2. More control over the display of the main interface.

    Adjustable font...
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    Text Display in Browse Window

    Is it my imagination or has BW9 recently changed the way text is displayed in the Browse Window? Up until very recently, while in Browse Mode, I was able to type in a range of verses (say Acts...
  7. My Solution . . . so far

    Thanks David and Mark. Both very helpful. IMO, the paragraphing is a major deficiency, but I'll not go further with that.
    Here's what I ended up doing about the browsing. (This is just a...
  8. Basic Question: Opening a block of text in a Window or Pane

    Thank you David, very much.

    It will sound like I'm arguing here. But I'm more frustrated than anything else.

    New Browse Window: Ok, so I can get a "block of text" in one lump in a New...
  9. Basic Question: Opening a block of text in a Window or Pane

    I'd like to open a range of verses (say, Matt 1:1-10) and that window stay open despite other searches. I know that I can simply type Matt 1:1-10 in the search window, and it will open the whole...
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