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  1. Context filtering not working?
  2. exporting the form + morph codes
  3. identify numerical value
  4. Is there way to use other Bible translations in x-refs?
  5. Passing Bibleworks on.
  6. NET Bible
  7. larger text?
  8. Crashing (Black Screen)
  9. WLM Question
  10. Clearing the search results
  11. US Keyboard being activated
  12. BW8 Help file question
  13. A beginner's question on the GSE
  14. Problem Installing Hebrew Keyboard
  15. Search: Words in BNT for Scheduled Study
  16. Proverbs 26:17's odd daghesh
  17. Exporting large sections of Unicode Hebrew text
  18. Error in NIV and TNIV for 1 Chronicles 25:9?
  19. Search within Highlighted?
  20. Citing Friberg Greek Lexicon
  21. Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit?
  22. God's Word
  23. BibleWorks 8 does not run under a Windows 7 Limited User account
  24. Synopsis Tool Enhancement
  25. Unblocking of CHM
  26. Command Line Cyrillic; CRV no Psalms?
  27. Saving parallel window/linking to a tab
  28. Vocabularly File-Mastronarde
  29. New Testament Peshitta
  30. Control of the Editor window toolbar
  31. Compiling Multiple Bibleworks on to one computer
  32. Samaritan Pentateuch
  33. Unicode (Export) Chaos
  34. Mismatched Lemma Results
  35. Searching for maqqeph / maqqep / maqqef / maqeph / maqep / maqef
  36. New Report Generator Feature
  37. Hebrew and Greek Analysis Windows Lexicons' difference?
  38. Major Mistakes while using Bible Software
  39. Word/Analysis Tabs
  40. Hebrew & English Text (best practices for mixed documents)?
  41. Word List Manager Question
  42. Synopsis Window -- adds ZUR version for me.
  43. How Do You Do That???
  44. BW8 in Parallels on Snow Leopard?
  45. Lexical Translation Concordance
  46. Hebrew Vowel Pointing
  47. LXX symbol in bwgrkl
  48. BW8 Crash During Pasting with MS Word 2007
  49. V & C Status Areas in Main Window Status Bar
  50. OT Interlinear LXX Hebrew English
  51. 1599 Geneva Bible
  52. "cross reference-window"
  53. BW 8 won't open after downloading most recent updates
  54. Attention BW Staff
  55. Can I type and analyse words?
  56. Hebrew Concordance for LXX?
  57. Numbers in brackets won´t display
  58. Vocab Module
  59. Bibleworks crashing again
  60. BW7 to BW8 what do I lose?
  61. Fix for BibleWorks 8 crashing on non-English operating systems
  62. BW7 sluggish start
  63. Turning off the popup box containing lexical info in the browse window
  64. Na27/ubs4
  65. Can anyone tell me whether the NA27/UBS4 NT includes parsing.
  66. I need Text Export to have Verse References BEFORE the verse
  67. Another export verse reference question
  68. Greek Paradigms
  69. BW8 and Strong codes
  70. Edit references in "TSK-Window"
  71. Missing buttons from old version
  72. Can't See/Change list of versions to use in Copy Verse List
  73. Copy Setting Don't Work
  74. Insert a line break
  75. Version Display Order - Problem with BW 7
  76. New Search Limits Feature
  77. fix the shift button
  78. If I upgrade.....
  79. BNM-BYM-Differences
  80. New Updates
  81. Searching on Accents or Cantillations(Ta'amin)
  82. Is there a way to set default version for cross reference databases
  83. How to copy Hebrew to Word without it being right aligned
  84. How do I make the command line display on the right?
  85. What replaces the manual in BW6?
  86. serial number
  87. Narrowing down a search?
  88. Need replacement for broken data disk for BW 4
  89. Is there a way to get a line return before the verse reference in exports?
  90. Samaritan Pentateuch
  91. Bibleworks Customer Service Amazes yet again
  92. Parallels 5 vs Parallels 4 with BW on Mac
  93. Word Lists in Command Line
  94. Problem with Word Lists in Command Line
  95. Greek font problem for daily light
  96. Popup Copy Window Issue
  97. WLM - What is this symbol?
  98. Problem with Example Finder in Flashcards
  99. How to search for verb tense in all moods
  100. On User Notes
  101. Splash Screens
  102. Problems in export verses
  103. Typing Hebrew in Word
  104. Negation of Case Sensitivity in GSE
  105. Help with Morphological/Companion texts in BW 8
  106. Attachment testing
  107. Printing problems
  108. Highlighted Text
  109. Comparing texts
  110. Syriac bible with vowels / unicode
  111. Finding Hebrew Examples for a first year class
  112. Editor Tool Bar
  113. Halot
  114. Bibleworks Modules?
  115. Review of BibleWorks 8
  116. Verse History and Word History
  117. Using BibleWorks to Create Your Own Interleaved Text
  118. Copy/Paste from BW8 into Mac - Help?
  119. Search Question
  120. Activation Issue
  121. LORD or Lord?
  122. bw8 videos don`t run
  123. Unicode Export
  124. custom serch limits
  125. New World Translation for BW?
  126. A Bug on BDB in Hos 11:4
  127. SBL Hebrew Keyboard
  128. Displaying Pericopes
  129. What happened?
  130. New forum software version
  131. A Hindrance to Phrase Searches
  132. problem checkboxes
  133. Options Disabled in 8.0.016?? Please confirm...
  134. The Strange Intervening Dot in "Bethlehem"
  135. Popup copy window
  136. BibleWorks Search Exercise
  137. Morphology: EIDWS vs OIDA
  138. How to change font?
  139. help file not loading
  140. Hebrew search question
  141. Problems with Verse Report?
  142. Export FlashCard List or a Word List in Unicode
  143. Print User Version notes?
  144. Hebrew right to left in Word 2007
  145. locate verses with notes
  146. Flashcards and sounding the words
  147. Local base program initialization error.
  148. Greek materials
  149. BW8, Windows 7 64 bit and Samsung R480
  150. BW Timeline: English Bible Versions
  151. Searching for verb/subject gender mismatches
  152. Dead Sea Scrolls in Hebrew
  153. Search Question
  154. Popup Copy Favorites settings
  155. rpeated phrase search
  156. Question: BDB in Analysis tab
  157. Cursor not in pop up copy window
  158. BibleWorks 8 on a Netbook
  159. Confirm Database Error
  160. Search for Question Mark in Greek Text
  161. Good Copy of Ginsburg's Hebrew text
  162. Hebrew nominal clauses
  163. How to add a signature to thread postings?
  164. Can we create custom keyboard shortcuts, say like Reaper does?
  165. Parshiot in Hebrew Text
  166. Obtaining permission to use HALOT, etc.
  167. ELM and Logos
  168. BW and Remote Controls
  169. "smart" book names
  170. Confused by right to left oddity
  171. Where Do I Post a Database Error?
  172. Bibleworks vs. Logos vs. Accordance Interface
  173. GSE doesn't recognize final forms?!
  174. Ok, Dumb Question Time....
  175. Problem with Update.
  176. Remembering Window Position
  177. Is This Software Just For Scholar's or Can a Young Christian Like Me Use It?
  178. Analyzing the text
  179. Can BW be installed on flash drive?
  180. BW 8.0 on iMAC or MacBook Pro?
  181. Quirk with Browse Tab in the Analysis Window
  182. Need to import BW7 database into BW7 new install
  183. Does it matter how I install Logos 3 together with BW7?
  184. On Greek text crit
  185. The Göttingen Septuagint ... Finally!
  186. Clipboard Access?
  187. Regarding bible versions copyright
  188. Adding a new bible translation: Romanian Orthodox Bible
  189. Help, Help, Help
  190. Export Font Error??
  191. Jewish Pseudepigrapha?
  192. Hebrew Morphology Search
  193. Focus Issue & Shutdown
  194. I need help on searching determined constructions in the Hebrew Bible!
  195. This should be something simple, but I can't find the correct help file
  196. BHT error?
  197. typing Greek & Hebrew on this forum or anywhere else online...
  198. Start-up splash screen concern, complaint, request???
  199. J.B. Phillips NT and partial OT
  200. Comparing Biblical Texts
  201. Need to copy and paste a screenshot of BW 8
  202. Unwanted switch to US keyboard layout
  203. How to hide text footnotes
  204. Will there be a BibleWorks 8 App on ndroid or Iphone like Logos has?
  205. Daily Light Quirk
  206. Important Research Survey of BibleWorks users. Please Participate!
  207. Research Survey of BibleWorks Users. Final Call!
  208. Ancient Near East Studies?
  209. Find and export verb information for selected passage
  210. Module Activation codes
  211. [Q] Display Window -- How to display more than a single verse?
  212. The Meteg in HAYTA in Gen 1:2
  213. Multiple Texts Search
  214. Macro for SBL Hebrew conversion
  215. Can't get BW8 to copy to Open Office Writer
  216. Restoring Favourites and Font information after deleting the BW800.ini File
  217. How can I search all hebrew perfect verbs with an objective pronominal-suffix?
  218. How Do I Synchronize a Floating X-Ref Window?
  219. Single vs double space at end of verses on export
  220. Nubie Help!
  221. Amplified Bible
  222. External Links
  223. Can't see Hebrew/Greek text in Browser Window
  224. Imported Text Sideways
  225. Linking to a Verse List within a Note?
  226. Bibleworks 9 coming out?
  227. mouse wheel scrolling? BW5
  228. mouse "hover" parsing in greek
  229. Jesus' words in red
  230. Export Lemma in Unicode
  231. How to Select Lexicon Used in Hover Help in Browse Window
  232. Vocabulary List to Basics of Biblical Hebrew: Grammar
  233. Text Criticism and Barthelemy
  234. BW8 error message
  235. Bible Works 8 Review
  236. Search in Hebrew, display in English
  237. Regarding Version Statistics
  238. Retaining Greek & Hebrew fonts/characters in Mac
  239. How to export text with morphology code translations?
  241. Grateful to the BibleWorks team!
  242. Boot Time
  243. Best looking Grk & Heb fonts running under Linux?
  244. Sell BW 8
  245. Strange lexicon behaviour
  246. Bible21 (Czech translation)
  247. Displaying two non-contiguous verses in the Browse Window
  248. Hebrew Search Question
  249. change language when copying text?
  250. PROB: Verse List Copy from Nave's